Insect and mite pests

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Nutritional disorders

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Twenty-eight fact-sheets on sweetpotato insect pests and mites are included in this section.  Different species producing similar symptoms and needing similar control measures  are grouped together, such as  tortoise beetles (Chrysomelidae), and leaf folders (Pyralidae and Gelechiidae).

Below is the list of the common and scientific names with links to home and full fact sheets, respectively.  The home page has a brief description, and menu bar linking to more detailed information contained in the full fact sheet.

Common name Scientific name




Aphis gossypii and Myzus persicae

Army worms Spodoptera litura and S. exigua
Clearwing moth Synanthedon spp.
Erinose or eriophyid mite Aceria sp. 
False spider mite Brevipalpus californicus
Gall mite Eriophyes gastrotrichus
Grasshoppers and katydid A. psitaccina, G. zonocera mundata and P. furcifera
Jumping plant bug Halticus minutus
Leaffolders Brachmia convolvuli , Ochirotica concursa, Herpetogramma hipponalis
Leaf miner Bedellia somnulentella
Mirid bug Helopeltis collaris
Rough sweetpotato weevil

Blosyrus obliquatus and Blosyrus sp.

Striped sweetpotato weevil Alcidodes dentipes  and A. erroneus
Sweetpotato bug Physomerus grossipes, Spartocera batatas
Sweetpotato butterfly Acraea acerata
Sweetpotato hornworm Agrius convolvuli
Sweetpotato spider mite Tetranychus marianae
Sweetpotato stemborer Omphisia anastomosalis
Sweetpotato weevil Cylas formicarius
Other sweetpotato weevils Cylas spp.
Tortoise beetles Aspidomorpha spp.
Tussock moth Euproctis similis
West Indian Sweetpotato Weevil Euscepes postfasciatus
Whiteflies Aleurodicus dispersus and Bemisia tabaci
White grub Scarabaeidae
White plume moth Aciptilia niveodactyla
Whitefringed beetle/weevil Naupactus spp.
Wireworm, rootworm, WDS complex Elateridae, Diabrotica spp, Systena spp.