Leaf miner

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Scientific Name: Bedellia somnulentella (Zeller)


Three leaf miner larva inside blotch mines (E. Vasquez).


Pupae hanging on webs on leaf undersurface (E. Vasquez).

Diagnostic summary

  • What they do to plants

- larvae feed on the green tissue inside the leaf, leaving the transparent upper and lower membranes (epidermis) intact.

- young larvae enter the leaf and form serpentine mines (narrow grey or silvery tracks) while mature larvae  form broader "blotch" mines.

  • What you see on plants

- serpentine or blotched mines which later become holes as the mined tissues are destroyed. The lower surface of the infested leaves become dirty with blackish frass and  show silken webbings where the insect pupates.

- with high infestation, the leaves become brown.

  • Heavy infestation may occur during or after a prolonged dry period.


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