Whitefringed Beetle

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Scientific name: Naupactus leucoloma (Boheman); Naupactus minor (Buchanan); Naupactus peregrinus (Buchanan)


Synonym: Graphognathus spp. (prior to 1995)


Common Name: whitefringed beetle; whitefringed weevil


Adult whitefringed beetle (Univ. of Florida).

Larva of the whitefringed beetle (Univ. of Florida).


Diagnostic summary

  • What they do to plants

- larvae eat broad cavities in storage roots, similar to white grubs.

- adults feed on leaves, producing notched or saw-toothed cuts on the outer margins.

  • The large white grubs are easily seen in the soil during land preparation or harvest.

  • They have a very broad host range, but are flightless and slow to spread.


Economic importance

Geographical distribution



Biology and ecology

Host Range

Detection and inspection



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