Tortoise beetles

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Common name: Tortoiseshell beetle

Scientific name: Aspidomorpha miliaris F.

Common name: Green tortoise beetle 

Scientific name: Cassida circumdata Herst 

Common Name: 13-spotted tortoiseshell beetle

Scientific Name : Laccoptera tredecimpunctata F.


Round holes produced  by 13-spotted tortoiseshell  beetle on leaves (E.Vasquez).


Older larvae of  tortoiseshell  beetle feeding on leaves (E. Vasquez). 

Diagnostic summary

  • What they do to plants

- young larvae scrape on the upper surface of the leaves leaving the lower surface intact.

- mature larvae may start chewing on any part of the leaf initially producing round holes. When feeding in groups, irregular holes are formed and may totally defoliate the plant.

- adults produce large round holes in the leaves.

- occasionally, attacks are sufficiently severe to completely skeletonise the leaves, defoliate the plant and peel the stems.

  • Cause considerable defoliation during severe infestation. 

  • Found throughout Africa, Southern China and Southeast Asia.        


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