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Common name: Melon aphid

Scientific name: Aphis gossypii Glover

Common name: Greenpeach aphid

Scientific name: Myzus persicae (Sulzer)

Melon aphids attacking under surface of a sweetpotato leaf (E. Vasquez).


Typical symptoms of aphid attack on young leaves, including crinkling or puckering, and dust stuck to honeydew on the surface (J. O'Sullivan).

Diagnostic summary

  • What they do to plants

- aphids suck the sap of the growing shoots and feed on the back or undersurface of the young leaves. 


- infested leaves may curl down at the  edges and become wrinkled and distorted. Leaves may be discoloured turning pale or yellowish.


- during heavy infestation, plant vigour is greatly  reduced and growth is stunted.

  • Worldwide in distribution.

  • Vectors of many viruses attacking sweetpotato.

  • M. persicae produces less honeydew than A. gossypii.


Economic importance

Geographical distribution



Biology and ecology

Host range




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