Insect pest gallery

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Presence of insects in the field may or may not be an indication of a problem.  In any case, it would be important to recognise the insect and mite pests that harm the crop, on one hand, and those that are beneficial to the crop, on the other. As we hope to reduce the population of the pests to a level that will not result to significant damage to the crop, we also wish to preserve or increase the population of the beneficials to help us prevent or control the damage caused by the pests.  

If you have seen any of these insects in the field  please click on the underlined name to get to each fact sheet and learn more about them. If you want to  get a bigger and better view of the image just click on the image itself.

Insect pests

A. Foliage feeders

Coleoptera (beetles) Hemiptera (bugs)
Green tortoise beetle.jpg (24062 bytes)
13spottedtortoise_small.jpg (3526 bytes)
Tortoise beetle pupae1.jpg (195485 bytes) Tortoise beetle adult.jpg (164256 bytes) mirid bug nymph.jpg (23654 bytes) mirid bug adult.jpg (28588 bytes) sp bug nymphs.jpg (75670 bytes) Sp bug adult1.jpg (50667 bytes)
nymph adult nymph adult nymphs adult
Homoptera (aphids and whiteflies) Orthoptera (grasshoppers)
melon aphid.jpg (24150 bytes)
aphids leaf.jpg (31096 bytes)
whitefly nymphs and adults.jpg (112979 bytes) whitefly adult.jpg (27650 bytes) katydid nymph.jpg (21785 bytes) katydid female.jpg (51637 bytes)
slant faced hopper.jpg (24044 bytes)
    adults on leaves  adult nymph adult  
Lepidoptera (moths)

S exigua larva.jpg (73074 bytes)

S exigua adultMShepard.jpg (68077 bytes)

S. litura larva.jpg (32239 bytes)

S litura adult.jpg (87325 bytes)

black leaf folder.jpg (65649 bytes)

black folder adult.jpg (95927 bytes)

brown leaffolder larva.jpg (49754 bytes)

brown leaffolder adult.jpg (40433 bytes)

larva adult larva adult larva   adult larva adult
green leaf folder larva.jpg (27477 bytes) green lf adultBraun.jpg (132751 bytes) leaf mines.jpg (50595 bytes) leaf miner webbing1.jpg (53821 bytes) sp butterfly larva.jpg (128944 bytes) sp butterfly adult.jpg (111026 bytes) hornworm_larva.jpg (8025 bytes) hornworm adult.jpg (47669 bytes)
larva adult larva  pupae on web larva adult larva adult

B. Stem and root feeders

Coleoptera (beetles)
RoughWeevil adult.jpg (103440 bytes) 26striped weevil  larva.jpg (114480 bytes) Striped weevilIIBC.jpg (118533 bytes) weevilarva2.jpg (28736 bytes) weevil adult.jpg (103827 bytes) C Puncticollis larvaIIBC.jpg (151275 bytes) 2Adult_C_puncticolisIIBC.jpg (13110 bytes) 2Adult_C_puncticolisIIBC.jpg (13110 bytes)
  larvae  adult larvae adult larvae  adult adult
Sweetpotato weevil
(C. formicarius)
Sweetpotato weevil
(C. puncticolis)

West Indian
(E. postfasciatus)

adult (click-beetle) larvae (rootworms) adult larvae adult  
Lepidoptera (moths)  
clearwing moth larvaNS1.jpg (100806 bytes) clearwing pupal case2.jpg (87925 bytes) Clear wing moth adult .jpg (114744 bytes) stem larva.jpg (61964 bytes) StemborerpupaBraun.jpg (88855 bytes) stemborer adult.jpg (53915 bytes)
larva pupal case adult larva pupa adult