Foot rot

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Causal organism: Plenodomus destruens Harter


Blackening or rotting of the lower portion of the stem (C. Lopes, Embrapa).

Diagnostic summary

  • What you see on plants

- in seedbeds, seedlings show yellowing, especially, of the lower leaves. Later on, seedlings wilt and die.


- in the field, plants show a blackening of the  vine around soil level, extending upwards and downwards.  Lower portion of the vine rots. Disintegration of the root system occurs. Affected stems may be girdled and the plant dies.


- in storage,  roots start rotting from the end that has been attached to the mother root. Affected roots develop a firm, dry, dark brown decay that can cover a large portion of the root.

  •  Mainly present in the western hemisphere.

  • Pathogen has very poor survival in the field and is disseminated mainly by planting infected cuttings. 


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