Common Australian Garden Weeds

UQ CentenaryReleased as a part of The University of Queensland Centenary, Common Australian Garden Weeds is designed for the identification of 100 species of weeds that are common in suburban areas around Australia. Only weeds that are found in most states and territories are included, and hence weeds that are locally common in one or a few states are absent. Both plain English and botanical terms (usually in brackets) are used throughout this key in order to make it useful to as wide an audience as possible.

If you haven’t used Lucid before there is an tutorial that will guide you step by step through using the key. There is also a help file within Lucid which can be accessed through the Help menu. To find out more about Lucid keys please visit

This key also provides information and photographs on common garden weeds, which can be accessed from within the key itself. The Fact Sheets page should be visited if you are interested in finding out more about a particular weed or how the fact sheets are designed.