Plants and Fungi of south western New South Wales

This key is designed for anyone who has an interest in finding out about the plants of south western New South Wales. It includes about 1100 species, accompanied by over 3000 images. The key uses a limited number of easily seen characters using a minimum of technical terms to help with identification of plants. It is not designed to key out to a single species, though sometimes it does. It is designed to narrow down the possibilities of what the plant might be to a limited number of species. The photos may then help you decide what your plant is.

In most cases, the use of a hand lens is not necessary for identification. Identification needing the use of even a low power microscope, or a detailed knowledge of technical terms is beyond the scope of the key. The character “ligules” (for grasses) is the only character in the key that requires a hand lens. A hand lens will also be helpful for other characters e.g. “spikelet length” for grasses with small seeds.

Key Author(s): Betty Wood Key Version: 1.0