Identification of lace bugs intercepted at U.S. ports of entry

The Tingidae, known as lace bugs, is a family of true bugs containing around 2,500 species in about 300 genera. Of these, 50 genera and 95 species have been intercepted at US ports of entry, with over 40% of interceptions associated with cargo entering the U.S. (the AQAS PestID database queried on June 26, 2018 revealed 2,284 total records). These genera comprise 17% of world genera and include many economically important pest species.

TingID is an identification resource primarily designed to be used by USDA identifiers, though it can be used by others, including non-experts, who may encounter lace bugs in a regulatory capacity and have a need to identify them. This tool’s primary aim is to enable rapid identification of lace bug specimens encountered at U.S. ports, thereby facilitating action on infested imported commodities.