Tubulifera Australiensis

Thysanoptera-Phlaeothripidae genera in Australia

In the insect Order Thysanoptera, the suborder Tubulifera includes only a single family of living thrips, the Phlaeothripidae, and this family includes at least 66% of the thrips species known from Australia. The illustrated identification system presented here helps to distinguish the 150 genera of Phlaeothripidae recorded from Australia up to January 2022, and for each genus a list is provided of species recorded from Australia, together with information about their biology and suitable published references.

Mound LA & Tree DJ (2022) Tubulifera Australiensis – Thysanoptera-Phlaeothripidae Genera in Australia. Lucidcentral.org, Identic Pty Ltd, Queensland, Australia.