AusGrass: Grasses of Australia

AusGrass, an interactive information system and key for the 1323 native and naturalised species of grass in Australia. This number includes all formally described species and several as-yet undescribed and informal taxa. Keys are provided for many of the recognised subspecies and varieties.

With AusGrass you will be able to:

  • Use either interactive or dichotomous keys to quickly and accurately identify any of the 1323 species of grass in Australia (using fresh or dry specimens, irrespective of whether they are in flower or fruit);
  • easily access comprehensive information for each species, including a botanical description, notes on their distribution and taxonomy, and images for most species including diagnostic line drawings, scanned specimens, photographs and stereomicrographs;
  • quickly navigate between taxa using hyperlinks;
  • browse information by species name, generic name, common name or synonym;
  • view supplementary information including a glossary of terms and an extensive list of references.