Flower Chafers of New South Wales

This key enables the user to identify the adult Flower Chafers, technically known as Cetoniinae, of New South Wales to species. The Cetoniinae are a subfamily of the family Scarabaeidae, which includes Dung Beetles, Christmas Beetles, Rhinoceros Beetles and Chafers.

This key was created by Chris Reid and Matthew Bulbert, of the Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Research, Australian Museum, Sydney. The illustrations and key construction are by Matthew Bulbert and the descriptions and taxonomic decisions by Chris Reid.

At present, this key excludes species of the tribe Valgini, which are small and difficult to identify.

The key has been constructed from examination of preserved specimens held at the Museum, or loaned from other institutions, and is the first key for the identification of the New South Wales Cetoniinae. The choice of species is based on locality information taken from the Zoological Catalogue for Australian Cetoniinae (Cassis and Weir, 1992), literature records, advice from colleagues and specimen data held by the Museum.

The key has been designed for people with varying degrees of prior knowledge of beetles, from the general enthusiast to research scientist. The terminology has been kept simple but is supported by a glossary and illustrations.

At the time of writing the authors are unaware of any undescribed or additional described species from New South Wales.

Throughout the key the following abbreviations have been used for Australian states and territories:

  • QLD – Queensland
  • NSW – New South Wales
  • ACT – Australian Capital Territory
  • VIC – Victoria
  • TAS – Tasmania
  • SA – South Australia
  • WA – Western Australia
  • NT – Northern Territory

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Key Author(s): Chris Reid and Matthew Bulbert Key Publisher: Australian Museum Key Version: 1.0

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