Fruits of Brazilian Savanna Attractive to Wildlife (Frutos Atrativos do Cerrado)

The Cerrado biome is considered the richest savanna of the planet. It is the second biggest vegetation domain of Brazil, occupying 22% of its territory, and has about 12.000 species of vascular plants. From this, it is estimated about 4.000 species producing fruits attractive to wildlife, distributed in 300 genera. The correct identification of fruit species is important in studies of plant-animal interactions. The aim of this key is to represent the most common fruit species of all genera. This key is also a complement of the first volume of the book “Fruits and Seeds of Cerrado Attractive to Wildlife” (Frutos e Sementes do Cerrado Atrativos para Fauna) and, currently, has about one third of all genera of Cerrado fruits.

Key characters for identification process and each of the species are illustrated by photographs. For each species it is also presents a fact sheet with more information.


Key Author(s): Marcelo Kuhlmann Key Version: 1.1