Thysanoptera Australiensis

Thrips of Australia IconAn identification and information system to thrips in Australia

This system is a revised version of “Ozthrips” (Mound et al., 2012). It has been produced partly to take advantage of the most recent Lucid software that overcomes technical problems arising from Java software, and partly to incorporate new information and additional taxa and images. The keys include all nine of the Families of living Thysanoptera worldwide, together with the 100 genera and 340 species in the five Families of the Sub-Order Terebrantia that are recorded from Australia. In addition, a list is provided of the 140 genera recorded from Australia in the two sub-Families of the sub-Order Tubulifera.

Mound LA & Tree DJ (2020) Thysanoptera Australiensis – Thrips of Australia., Identic Pty Ltd, Queensland, Australia.